Max Wade's Bio

Max's Fact file Date of Birth: 16.11.00
Favourite Sports: Football, Karting
Hobbies: Football, Karting, Powerwinging, mountain-biking, Stunt scooter, PS3, Fighting, Pillow fights, Chess, Being an idiot
Favourite Footy Team: Everton
Footy Team: Manor Reds U11
Favourite Colour: Blue
Chassis: J Blue-Haase Ikon 2009, Cadet-Haase Bomber 2009
Class: J Blue
Series: Indikart
Personal Best AT Hooton Park: Cadet - 42.91 seconds, J Blue - 39.54 seconds
Personal Best AT GYG: Cadet - 52.88 seconds

Indicart Cadet Series 2010/2011 We lost the articles I wrote last year so I'm writing this summary instead it was my first year but I still finished 4th in the Hooton Park Indikart cadet series. I got my kart on Halloween 2010 I had the same slicks all year round and hardly any idea what was what on the kart. My kart was a Haase Bomber 2009. My PB was 42.91 (at Hooton). Here are the results for my races.

R1-Qual 9-Held up-Fin 7-Cold, dry
R3-Qual 7-Wrong tires during the heats-Fin 4-Cold, dry-Trophy
R4-Qual 5-Held up-Fin 4-Dry, warm-Trophy
R5-Qual 6-Wrecked clutch-Fin 16-Soaking
R6-Qual 4-Fin 4-Dry, warm-Trophy
R8-Qual 7-Binding brakes-Fin retire-Dry
R9-Qual 10-Knocked off-Fin retire-Dry-Bent chassis
R10-Qual 2-Knocked of to 20th in the final-Fin 9-Dry, warm
R11-Qual 4-Fin3-Damp-Trophy
R12-Qual 2-Brakes failed at the start of the final span to 5th-Fin 3-Soaking-Trophy
Overall championship 4-Trophy

Max's Games Red Kart Racer by Max Games

Move to Junior Blue Move to Junior Blue because I'm fat

I have now moved to junior blue because I weigh loads I'm planning on doing MSA this year and have already got my license and kart and have just started testing. My chassis is a Haase Ikon 2009 and I'm having the touch and go. I will be racing at Hooton and maybe some testing at Gyg (for the second time) and hopefully Three Sisters.

Big crash out for 8 weeks

My brake pads fell out at the entry to turn 4 at Hooton at full throttle and went straight into the barrier. The tyre-wall went into my face; I got a bit of whiplash really badly hurt knees hurt groin and a creased right hand. Went to A and E and was limping home. Due to this crash I'm not going to do MSA Since I haven't done a MSA race I can do Indikart towards the end of the season.

First test since big crash (Hooton Park)

It took a while to get into and I forgot the shin pads that I usually where the wrong way round to stop my carve from rubbing against the track rod and hurting but with the help of the best person in the world to teach drivers who is also a good mechanic, Graham Rixon, I got a 39.54 my new PB at Hooton!